Yesterday I attended (along with about 25 others) Eliot-Hine’s open house. We listened to adults speak for a bit, toured the 6th grade floor, and sat in on a math class. Then a panel of 6th graders, one from each feeder school, along with the principal and the math teacher, took questions. Most of our questions were about daily life — what recess is like, how much homework they have, if they feel challenged, if they feel safe — that sort of thing.

I told Olivia about it, and she wanted to check it out for herself. We went at 8:30 this morning — I wanted to see how it functioned when students came in. Aside from my having to get wanded by security, I had no complaints. The kids came in quietly and went to their homerooms. We saw several kids that we knew from Maury. No one was yelling or acting up, but for one kid who was taunting a security guard at the end of the hall, making like he was going to leave from a side door.

We sat in on the English class. Like the last time I popped in unannounced, the students were seated and quiet, participating and engaged in the lesson. Olivia said it was like her class at Maury with Mrs. Cooper. We stayed for 45 minutes (she had to get back in time for her reading intervention group) and she got her first tardy slip of her elementary career. 
Eric asked me if it would be disastrous for Olivia to attend, and it would absolutely not be a disaster. That it will be the right fit for Olivia’s academic levels, I need more convincing, but it is worth looking at. 
If my girl Rhee was still here, she’d rip out those prison doors and magnetometer, that is for sure. We just got the bike racks installed, the pad is poured for the lighted sign, and the teachers are getting their IB training, so it’s moving in the right direction.